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Lady Pinecone™ Vertical & Sinusitis essential oils

  • has analgesic and antibacterial effects
  • brings a feeling of nasal patency
  • relieves inflammation of the sinuses


About product:

If you like the scent of pepper, you’ll love the SINUSITIS blend.

An opportunity to protect the sinus through breathing in of an essential oil blend while travelling by car. The blend includes EO with a strong germicidal effect: eucalyptus and tea tree. Cinnamon leaf EO and basil EO have a herby scent with strong antibacterial and antiviral effects, to create a warm, herby fragrance. The dominant peppermint EO has an analgesic effect for headaches, achieving nasal patency by affecting the cold receptors inside the nasal cavity, helping the germicidal effect and generally aiding in reducing any sinus inflammation. The blend has a basil scent, and is naturally herby, like vast fields of mint plantations. The blend supports a driver’s concentration.

100% essential oil blend. Ingredients: peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, basil and cinnamon leaves. All oils obtained by steam distillation.

Product usage:

How to use: before starting the car, apply 2 to a maximum of 5 drops of the selected blend to Lady Pinecone™.

The blend can also be used successfully in offices, at home, in commercially available diffusers.

Warnings: keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only – to odorize the air. Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use on the skin. Do not use orally. Do not use in children under 5 years of age.

Storage: in a dark and cool place.

2 reviews for Lady Pinecone™ Vertical & Sinusitis essential oils

  1. admin

    Express delivery, great fragrance composition. I bought myself an oil for sinuses, I think it can also be successfully used in the apartment, as long as in moderation (source: FB. Michael P, 2020)

  2. admin

    I recommend, a great alternative to traditional fragrances for cars and more. Nature itself, beautiful, non-chemical scents that work ☺️ (source: google. Karolina Ć, 02.2023)

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