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Lady Pinecone™

Read the stories of Lady Pinecone™.
Maybe you will find yourself among her characters?

We have prepared a few stories especially for your inspiration,
how, when and why to use Lady Pinecone™.

A young boy Lucas has motion sickness, which prevented him from fully enjoying the time spent with his family on the weekend trips.

However, since Lucas’s mother invited Lady Pinecone™ to her car, everything has changed.

After all Lucas can finally enjoy the time spent with loved ones without feeling sick.

The TRAVEL mixture has a beneficial effect in case of fatigue, headaches and improves concentration. Moreover, it can bring relief to passengers in case of nausea and malaise resulting from car travel. It is worth seeing how the smell of the mixture, which is dominated by spearmint (known for chewing gum), peppermint, ginger and black pepper, has an effect on us. It is enriched with notes of patchouli and litsea cubeba, which bring freshness combined with softness and calmness to the composition.

Every day, Chloe used to get up, get ready and go to work, just like all of us. She didn’t sleep much, but she worked a lot. She often had to sleep in her spare time to be able to function at all.

However, that changed when she accidently stumbled upon Lady Pinecone™. She took advantage of the help she offered and did not regret it. At work, she had done so much progress since then.

Thanks to the fact that she could concentrate, she made fewer mistakes than usual. Even her employer appreciated this by giving Chloe a raise that she could use to enjoy her leisure time, no longer taken by naps.

VILIGANCE supports the driver’s concentration and mindfulness. Blend inspired by research on improving concentration at work. Vigilance is a mixture of lemon, rosemary and orange enriched with ylang ylang and black pepper.

Olivia works as a taxi driver. Consequently, she must take care of herself and her clients. She was worried that she was not providing adequate protection during her rides.

Driving with Olivia is much safer now. Lady Pinecone™ created an atmosphere that viruses and fungi do not like, and reduced the chances of them spreading and ensured the comfort of work and safety for clients.

In addition, customers are also very pleasantly surprised by the smell and give her larger tips much more often, which Olivia cannot complain about either.

PROTECTION supports driver’s carefulness. Blend inspired by the article on the coronavirus of the creators of Polish aromatherapy. The mixture is not a cure for coronavirus! Its main goal is to create an atmosphere in the car that viruses, bacteria and fungi do not like. Blend with a delicate background of ylang ylang.

Robert is a CEO in big corporation and he suffers from a shortage of time. He also recently had a sinus problem that made it difficult for him to work with clients.

However, since his friend recommended Lady Pinecone™ to him, a lot has changed. Robert used the time while driving in the car to his clients for aromateraphy with the help of Lady Pinecone™.

It was much easier for him to undergo sinusitis. Now he no longer suffers from old ailments and because of that his conversation with clients go so much better.

SINUSITIS for runny nose, sinuses, against mental sluggishness. SINUSITIS blend created for people who suffer from sinus problems. It is beneficial for mental sluggishness and improves concentration. Its purpose is to provide gentle and effective support in the fight against ailments. It is dominated by fresh scents of peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree – they clear the respiratory tract – supplemented with a very strong cinnamon oil (from the leaves) and a soft scent of basil, which enhance the antibacterial and immune effects.

Max is a truck driver and works in international shipping. He often visits the most distant places of the continent and such orders last up to several weeks. That is why it is so important in his work to constantly maintain concentration at the highest level.

Even the slightest cold can be a significant factor in his work, increasing the risk of an accident, not to mention financial losses caused by downtime.

Therefore, whenever the first symptoms of a cold appear, Max chooses a blend of Lady Pinecone ™ Immunity essential oil and enjoys aromatherapy to improve concentration and feel better in these difficult times.

IMMUNITY supports during colds. The composition of the mixture is designed to strengthen and protect the body with symptoms of flu, cold (runny nose, cough). Also for protection against third parties. It is dominated by bergamot, and its effect is enhanced by the properties of basil and rosemary. Strengthens and protects

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Lady Pinecone™.

Do you know who is she?
Find out where she came from and how she got here?

Lady Pinecone™ comes only from Polish forests, and more specifically from special seed stands of the best quality prepared and selected, especially for seed harvesting. It takes up to 80 years for tree stand to become ready for seed production.

The pinecones are harvested straight from the tree at the turn of December and January, when they are ripe but still closed, which means they certainly still have seeds in them. Cones are collected every few years from the same stand to ensure a calm cycle.

The collection of cones is taken care of by arborists – tree keepers with special mountaineering qualifications. Only the cones collected straight from the tree guarantee their highest quality. Cones are not picked up from the ground, because those that have fallen have no seeds, and may contain undesirable impurities.

Harvested cones are dried and stripped of seeds and then used by foresters to plant seedlings for new forests. Dried and empty cones are carefully selected and cleaned again. It is hard manual work. Only the most beautiful of them begin their careers as Lady Pinecone™.