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Media Bank & Resources

for Lady Pinecone™’s resellers and partners

Dear Partners,

below is the multimedia content and other resources that we have prepared especially to support you in the promotion and sale of Lady Pinecone™.

The owner of the copyrights to these materials are respectively Krzysztof Czapski, the owner of the brands Pani Szyszka™ and Lady Pinecone™ and Simto Sp. z o.o. The following materials may only be used to promote and support the sale of Lady Pinecone™ products. Any other use is prohibited.


You can get the below content in 3 ways:
1. click on the picture, right click and Save Picture As – will download the picture in the native format and resoulution,
2. click on the „Download ZIP file” in the selected section – will download content associated to the selected section only in ZIP file,
3. click on the „Download ALL content in ZIP file” on the right – will download all available content in one ZIP file with specific folders inside.

Lady Pinecone™ logo

Lady Pinecone™ logo in 3 versions: Brown, Black & White.
Transparent PNG in 2000 x 2000 resolution.
In the ZIP file also vector version in PDF format.

Lady Pinecone™ colors

Main „brown” color of Lady Pinecone™ :


Accent color of Lady Pinecone™ :


Lady Pinecone™ itself

Small resolution with logo, high resolution transparent and 2000×2000 resolution white background.

Lady Pinecone™ in the cars

Square 2000 x 2000

Landscape 1920 x 1080

Portrait 900 x 1200

3 orientations for different purposes. Square for mobile, social media, publications and product catalogue in the shop. Landscape for desktop and Portrait for mobile. Some options unavailable.

Lady Pinecone™ mounts and usage

3 simple graphics in average resolutions in PNG format.

Lady Pinecone™ essential oils

6 separate essential oils (5 + 1 custom) in mid resolution plus collection in small res. all in transparent PNG format.

Lady Pinecone™ all SKU’s













All SKUs represent by 2 pictures. Square, high resolution 2000 x 2000, white background. JPG format.


There is also another ZIP file, where you can find complete set of pictures for every e-shop. Inisde the main folder, there are folders by all SKUs. Inside all of them you can find: 2 pictures of the product (as above) plus 4 pictures how the product looks inside the car and 1 additional picture about mounts and usage.  In total 7 pictures per SKU. All files are in 2000×2000 resolution, white background (according to ie. Amazon’s requirements). Ready to deploy at your e-shop.

Lady Pinecone™ co-branded (private label) options

Illustration how private lable options looks like. 3 high-res transparent PNGs.

Lady Pinecone™ awards

Awards. Low-res PNG (transparent) and JPG (white background) and Adobe Illustrator AI file.

Other media content

Various pictures.

EAN bar codes

EAN bar codes in PNG (small res) and PDF (large res, vector)


In this sections you can find:

  • Reseller’s Guide – General – editable Word version for all regions and countries, where there is no distributor, yet.
  • Reseller’s Guide – DACH region – editable Word version for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • SDS (Safety Data Sheet) documents for our essential oils mixtures.