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Protection against viruses blend

If you like the scent of green-flowers, you’ll love the PROTECTION blend.

The goal of Lady Pinecone is convenient travel with elements of the body’s protection, such as against respiratory system infections. In the Polish autumn, winter, and spring climate, we are especially subject to respiratory system infections: colds, runny noses or flu. We can safely prevent infections while travelling in a car. Sprayed into the air, EO disinfects the interior of the car, preventing the spread of germs. Tea trees, eucalyptus, and lavender EOs are strong germicides, which sterilise the air when sprayed inside the car. The blend not only protects against diseases but also brings inside the scent of grass and flowers, straight from nature. Lemongrass EO smells refreshing, green, and has a virucidal effect, confirmed by research, while in combination with ylang-ylang EO, it creates a fresh-citrous bouquet, which gives the blend a strong, flowery, noble scent. The blend supports a driver’s concentration.

100% essential oil blend. Ingredients: tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass and ylang-ylang. All oils obtained by steam distillation.

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