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Mrs. Pinecone® horizontal A Remarkable Gift from Poland

Handcrafted by Master Szczepan, a small art piece for the car for many years. An ideal product as a gift from Poland for the most demanding, combining art, health support, and respect for the environment. Mrs. Pinecone® brings a vital combination of qualities such as calm, patience, knowledge, wisdom, stability, which have a highly positive meaning in our daily lives and life journey, already her image brings a good mood.


About product:

The image and logo of the brand, inspired by the idea of a 9-year-old girl during the first lockdown in 2020, led to patent protection in dozens of countries, with the number increasing. Mrs. Pinecone®, remarkable in its simplicity yet rich in possibilities and properties, has been patented and registered worldwide. The pinecone, across cultures, beliefs, and religions, symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, or the human soul. This connection is evidenced by the pinecone’s association with one of the brain’s significant organs, the pineal gland, known for a long time in medical literature for its valuable properties to the human body and associated with the so-called third eye. The pineal gland produces melatonin, regulates sleep, and is one of the most blood-supplied organs in the human body.

Handmade products offer higher quality and more attention to detail but also provide buyers with surprising side benefits. They are eco-friendly, support the job market, are more valuable due to their authenticity, are simply better, make you feel good about your purchases, help communities, can better meet your needs, offer fuller experiences, are unique, and support the tradition of skilled work.

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