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Bear linden horizontal A Fantastic Gift for Berliners

Handmade by Master Szczepan, a small art piece for the car for many years! An ideal product as a gift from Poland for the most demanding Berliners! A combination of art, health support, and respect for the environment. Mrs. Pinecone® generates an extremely important combination of qualities such as calm, patience, knowledge, wisdom, stability, which have an extremely positive meaning in our daily lives and journey through life, already her image brings a good mood


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About product:

The Bear – symbol of Berlin. In the edition of Mrs. Pinecone, it is an art piece supporting health and … PINECONE – in history, culture, beliefs, and religions, appears as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, or ultimately the human soul. This is evidenced by the connection of the name pinecone (in many languages derived from Latin used in medicine) with the name of one of the very important brain organs ? the pineal gland (Latin: glandula pinealis, English: pineal gland, from pinecon…

Handmade products can offer higher quality and more attention to detail – but they can also provide
buyers with surprising side benefits.

  1. Handmade products are eco-friendly. The work done by hand consumes less energy than a mass production line, making it more environmentally friendly.
  2. Handmade products are good for the job market. Another reason to spend money on handmade products? Such behavior creates jobs.
  3. Handmade products are more valuable. Numerous experiments have shown that people value an item higher when they are convinced that it contains an “element of authenticity,” for example, if they are told that it is a work of art. This means that artisan products, whether jewelry or sculptures, are perceived as more valuable in society.
  4. Handmade products are simply better.
  5. Handmade products make you feel good about your purchases.
  6. Handmade products help communities. Local independent companies – many of which sell handmade products – return a larger percentage of their revenue to their communities than chains.
  7. Handmade products can better meet your needs.
  8. Handmade products offer fuller experiences. Even the mere knowledge that a product was handmade contributes to a sense of a better experience because there is a known story.
  9. Handmade products are unique. The nature of handmade goods means that there are fewer of them, so whatever you wear, eat, or add to your home is as unique as you.
  10. Handmade products support the tradition of skilled work.

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