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Immunity from colds blend

If you like the scent of bergamot, you’ll love the IMMUNITY blend.

Some essential oils play a major role in stimulating the body’s immunity. It’s worth enhancing your immunity for all possible circumstances. The blend stimulates the body’s immunological processes, and it is both easy and pleasant to use. The research for Rosemary EO took place at Polish scientific institutions and demonstrated a strong immunostimulant effect. The strong, ripe and herby fragrance of rosemary is a good match with the warm, herby fragrance of basil and the tangy, mint touch of checkerberry essential oil. Basil and checkerberry EOs have strong immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory effects, confirmed by research. Herby fragrances emphasise while also softening citrous EO, fresh bergamot EO and strong, distinctly lemon litsea cubeba EO. The blend supports a driver’s concentration.

100% essential oil blend. Ingredients: bergamot, basil, litsea cubeba, rosemary and checkerberry. Bergamot – obtained from the peel of the fruit. Other oils obtained by steam distillation.

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